What is Deep Cleaning and Should I Use Professional Cleaners?

Deep Cleaning Enfield


Have you looked around your home recently and thought, ‘this needs some deep cleaning’? If you’re based in North London, Lets Shine offers top quality deep cleaning from our base in Enfield.


But, what exactly is deep cleaning? And how is it different from standard residential cleaning?


Typical dirt hot spots in the home


Deep cleaning typically targets those parts of the home that get really dirty with ground-in grime, grease and other detritus. These are typical:


  • Baths and showers
  • Toilets
  • Ovens, microwaves and other cooking appliances
  • Food preparation surfaces
  • Under or behind furniture such as sofas and wardrobes
  • Under or behind white goods such as washing machines, fridges etc


These are the typical locations that attract a buildup of dirt which can often go unseen. This buildup can be a haven for pests such as mice, rats, bugs and cockroaches.


A spot of deep cleaning doesn’t need to be done every month, but perhaps twice a year, at least.


If you’ve ever done any deep cleaning yourself, you’ll know that it takes a lot of elbow grease and time. So, why would you hire a deep cleaning service in Enfield?



Deep cleaning vs regular cleaning


A regular domestic cleaning service is a great way to stay on top of the mess that builds up in our homes. With vacuum cleaning, surface cleaning, dusting and tidying, you’re keeping the bulk of the dirt around the home under control.


But the grime that builds up over time in many of the hotspots mentioned above can be very tricky to remove.


As an example, a deep clean on an oven normally requires intense fat removal cleaning products and abrasive tools. And then it takes time to make sure that the baked-in grease is thoroughly cleaned off.


In short, it's not the type of cleaning to do weekly, but it is essential to do as often as possible. Perhaps, monthly or bi-monthly.


Deep cleaning DIY


Can you do it yourself? Of course, you can. To do a deep clean yourself, you’ll need:


  • Gloves (marigolds are fine)
  • Grease removing cleaning products
  • A scrubbing brush
  • Cloths
  • Face masks for the fumes


If you’re deep cleaning in enclosed areas, always make sure to wear a face mask as the fumes from many cleaning products can be toxic.


When it comes to deep cleaning on carpets, such as behind sofas or under beds, you’ll need to move the furniture and vacuum the area thoroughly. It may then be necessary to use a carpet cleaning solution, or in extreme circumstances, a specialist carpet cleaning machine.


You may also find that when deep cleaning, you need to do more than one pass over the area. Often the first clean will remove surface dirt that then highlights the ground in the dirt below.


Professional deep cleaning


Let’s be honest, who has time to do all that deep cleaning? If you’re conducting a spring clean, or an end of tenancy clean in North London, you might prefer to use professional deep cleaning services.


Professional deep cleaning service in Enfield will make sure to get rid of ground-in filth and grime, even in those hard to reach places.


It might be removing the black mould from bath grout, or it might be getting baked-on food out of your oven. Or, perhaps your kitchen is concealing some horrors that need getting rid of ASAP.


With Lets Shine, we provide the tools and the chemicals, not to mention the elbow grease. In short, you’ll get a professional standard deep clean of your home (or work premises) without breaking a sweat.


Considering the time taken, and the tools needed, you will also find that deep cleaning in Enfield is in fact very cost-effective. With less time spent with your head in an oven, you’ll have more time to do the things that you actually want to do…


So if you need a reliable and high-quality deep cleaning service in Enfield, Lets Shine!

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